Marvel-US Vent Freshener & Deodorizer

Marvel-US Vent Freshener & Deodorizer uses a patent-pending technology to drag germs and smoke out of the air and neutralize them FAST

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MARVEL-US® Vent Freshener & Deodorizer

You can clean the car….but how do you get odors trapped in here out?  Now you can with Marvel-US® Vent Freshener and deodorizer.



The ventilation system has an air intake at the bottom near the fan, and it draws odors into the system from the vehicle’s interior depositing odor molecules from smoking, food, and pets on the walls of the ducts.  Mildew odors from the evaporator also make the air bad smelling.

This Marvel-US® Vent Freshener and deodorizer aerosol with directional tube propels deodorizer and freshener deep into the ventilation system neutralizing odors, and freshening the air coming out.  Available in 7oz cans which will treat 200 vehicles for detailers, car washes, car rental companies, and trucking companies or 2 oz cans for personal vehicles.

A drop of fresh natural mint oil  in Marvel-US® Vent Freshener and Deodorizer gives the air a fresh crisp smell, which also helps with driver alertness.

MSDS Information

Marvel-US Vent Fresh MSDS009

Additional Information
Weight 9 lbs

12 x 7oz spray, 6 Case Over Pack Box (72 cans)

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