Marvel-US Odor Eliminator

A concentrated powerhouse. Safe on skin. Eliminate odors in your car permanently.

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No one wants to drive or ride in a car that has a pungent and embarrassing smell. Smells linger in a car long after the offender is removed. For example, when a smoker rides in a nonsmoker’s vehicle, the smell of smoke stays behind without the smoker even lighting a cigarette. Food in a take-out container also permeates your car’s interior, leaving your vehicle with the smell of your leftovers. These smells can be irritating to the nose and bothersome to anyone who rides in your car. The only way to permanently eliminate odors is by purchasing and using Marvel-US® Car Odor Eliminator.

A product like this is great to use occasionally when odors take over your vehicle. Spray it in your car after you’ve eaten a quick bite from a fast food restaurant on the go. This will eliminate the odors of the greasy food and leave the interior smelling fresh and clean. Maybe you had to take your dog to the vet and he accidently urinated on your back seat. Whatever the case may, be these odor eliminator sprays are perfect to leave in the trunk of your car for an odor emergency. You never know when a gallon of milk will break in the back seat of your car, leaving it with an unpleasant spoiled scent. The Car Odor Eliminator spray is the perfect solution.

Rental car companies rely on odor eliminators for all of their vehicles. People that use a rental car sometimes forget that they should not eat or smoke inside, which can leave nasty odors behind. These rental car companies don’t want to give a smelly car to someone while they wait for theirs to be repaired. This is where an odor eliminator comes into play. The product is simply sprayed onto the interior of the car. It permanently eliminates odors from smoke, fish, milk, pet odors and urine, and other unpleasant smells. The rental car can smell as fresh and clean as though the odor never existed.

Other companies use Car Odor Eliminator to take care of nasty smells as well. Limousine and party bus businesses employ odor eliminator after each rental. Spilled drinks, food, and other smells can be left behind for hours after the party is over. The drivers of these vehicles usually keep a detailing kit with them to keep their vehicle in pristine condition. In that detailing kit is a concentrated powerhouse odor eliminator that is safe to the skin and eliminates odors permanently. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Follow the professionals – use Marvel-US® Car Odor Eliminator and get rid of nasty smells for good!

We have everything you need. At KLC Brands, we provide you with high-quality products that get the job done every time. We’re your one-stop shop for everything to make your car smell good with a showroom-quality finish.


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