Marvel-US Detailer’s Sample Pack

Here at KLC Brands we provide many products that detailing professionals and car rental agencies use everyday.


The best way to keep your vehicle in beautiful condition is by using our trusted products!

Pack includes the following professional-grade products:

  • 22 oz Daily Refresher
  • 7 oz Can of Vent Freshener
  • 22 oz Bug Buster Jelly
  • 17 oz Ten Minute Showroom Shine
  • 22 oz Odor Eliminator

The Daily Refresher provides a fresh “just cleaned” smell to any vehicle and will eliminate any odor like pet smells, food, and smoke. Don’t cover up bad smells with standard scents like cinnamon, citrus, vanilla, and cherry. Our proven odor-killing formula leaves your vehicle smelling great, and keeps it that way.

The Vent Freshener and Deodorizer is the best way to eliminate and diffuse smells that trap themselves in your vehicle’s ventilation system. When applied to the vents, the product goes to work by extracting and neutralizing smells that can become trapped over time. The smell of smoke, for example, clings to the filters in the ventilation system of vehicles, which spews the harsh smell throughout the interior of the car.  With Vent Freshener, odors will be gone for good!

Our no-drip Bug Buster Jelly Bug Remover solution is environmentally safe and is unlike any other product on the market. It’s chrome-friendly and will not haze headlights or smear windshields. The solution easily dissolves, lifting bug marks off the surface of your vehicle without the need to scrub with harsh brushes or pads.

Marvel-US® Cleaner Polish Wax gives your car that great showroom shine in just 10 minutes, without even requiring water. The special lubricants and cleaning agents present in the innovative formula work together to lift and emulsify dirt and other foreign particles from your vehicle. Use this product on painted surfaces, chrome, stainless steel, and even glass to give it a shiny finish that can make almost any car look brand new.

Marvel-US® Car Odor Eliminator is the Car Detailers’ and Rental Car Companies’ first choice to eliminate tough odors.   It PERMANENTLY ELIMINATES odors from: smoke, marijuana, dead fish, spoiled milk, onions, wet dog or pet odor, dog or cat urine, vomit or musty smells.

Follow the professionals – use Marvel-US® Car Care Products and fall in love with your car again!

We have everything you need. At KLC Brands, we provide you with high-quality products that get the job done every time. We’re your one-stop shop for everything to make your car smell good with a showroom-quality finish.

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