Marvel-US Daily Refresher Deodorizer

Enjoy the POWER of CLEAN with this daily car refresher and deodorizer. Don’t just cover up smells! Neutralize odor permanently Marvel-US
Daily Refresher. …..(22oz spray bottle)


Cars should smell “Just Cleaned”

Spraying flavors like cinnamon, citrus, and vanilla are just SCREAMING COVER-UP !! … and cherry makes a car smell like a men’s room.

Refresh your car PROFESSIONALLY.  Not like you BORROWED your neighbor’s car. 

No one would buy a brand-new vehicle that didn’t have that new car smell. And of course no one would think of buying a car with a pet urine or dirty sock smell. With that being said, why drive a vehicle with an interior that smells foul? Avoiding these odors can be tough.  They come from a number of things like food, pets, old clothes – whatever you happen to transport. The only way to regain that clean smell in your vehicle is with the help of our Daily Refresher Car Deodorizer.

Our daily car deodorizer contains ingredients that eliminate odors quickly, leaving behind a refreshing aroma. Don’t try and cover up unpleasant smells with perfumes like cinnamon, citrus, cherry, or vanilla. Instead, by using our Daily Refresher Car Deodorizer you’re permanently neutralizing the odor from the source.  The revolutionary formula is proven to kill odors, leaving behind a just-cleaned smell that’s inviting to all.

Deodorize odors at the source! Spray the deodorizer before and after taking the dog to the vet. Use this product after the fast food lunch you had that left a greasy smell of French fries behind. Every time you use the spray, you cut back the possibility of these odors completely taking over your vehicle. The spray attacks unsavory smells head-on, so guess what? No one will know that you took your dog to the vet that day – unless of course your pet leaves slobber marks on the window. No one will believe you that you had a burger and fries from a fast food restaurant – unless you forget to throw away the evidence! No matter when you use this product it’s always ready to deodorize your interior leaving it smelling like it should – fresh and clean!

Professional car washers, car dealerships, and major car rental agencies use our Daily Refresher Car Deodorizer everyday to achieve that “just cleaned” smell that everyone is looking for. Don’t be fooled by imitation deodorizers! Companies that use our revolutionary product understand the importance of a clean-smelling vehicle because they know that customers wouldn’t abide nasty smells. Your car deserves the same level of care!

With this product you can get the same smell for your vehicle that the professional car agencies use. Keep this product in an easy-to-find location in your car, truck, or large transportation vehicle and carry that “just cleaned” smell on the go.

We have everything you need. At KLC Brand we provide you with high-quality products that get the job done every time. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to help your vehicle achieve that showroom-quality finish with a clean and fresh scent.

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