Marvel-US Bug-Buster Jelly

Marvel-US Bug Buster Jelly. Unique-gel that sprays in a fine mist soaking bug bodies on your car for easy removal. Don’t waste your time with other liquid bug removal detergents that run off the car and dry before they can start to work.

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Bug-Buster Jelly Bug Remover

Beetles, flies, love bugs, cicadas, and other insects find their way onto your vehicle on a daily basis. They fly across the roadways, and unfortunately find their way into oncoming traffic. Bugs can leave large and unsightly marks across the bumper, headlights, grill, and windshield. However, the problem is more than just an eyesore. The acidic nature of these bug bodies can damage the paint and other surfaces of your vehicle. It’s imperative to remove these marks from your car early and often. Washer fluid and windshield wipers only smear insect remains and obstruct your view. When a large bug makes contact with your windshield, there isn’t much that you can do until it comes time to wash your vehicle. Because of the high rate of speed and the adhesive nature of insect residue, it is difficult to remove them from the surface of your car using conventional methods.

Bug-Buster Jelly Bug Remover pre-wash treatment is the perfect solution to loosen these pesky marks. After spraying this product on the site it immediately goes to work, loosening the marks from the surface and making them easier to remove. Don’t spend time trying to scrub these bugs off and risk scratching your vehicle! With our Bug-Buster Bug Remover, there’s no need for a sponge or other abrasive brush to remove these marks—all you need is a tissue and our quality product!

Our patent-pending, environmentally safe solution is unlike other products on the market. The Bug-Buster Jelly Bug Remover pre-wash treatment doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is the most effective solution available. Solutions that contain these compounds can cause hazing of plastic headlight covers, and may damage paint and other rubber components on the vehicle. Safe to use and extremely effective, our bug remover product is used by rental car companies and car detailing shops to keep their vehicles clear of bugs and bug residue.

When the solution is applied to the vehicle it comes out of the bottle as a mist. It quickly turns into a gel-like solution on the surface of your car. The protein-eating cleanser quickly goes to work, making it easier to remove these pesky marks. Unlike other products, our solution will not run off your car, providing a higher quality clean than other products.

At KLC Brands, we provide you with effective and safe products that go above and beyond your expectations. Don’t waste hours trying to scrub bugs off your vehicle without the help of our Bug-Buster Jelly Bug Remover. Our product is perfect for use on cars, trucks, and other large transportation vehicles. See for yourself the superior clean that comes with this product!

Bug Buster Advantages:

  • Chrome friendly
  • Won’t haze plastic headlights or windshields
  • No rub – No scrub – No scratch!
  • Remove dried bug bodies on your vehicle quick and easy
  • No harmful solvents (VOCs) that can damage your car’s paint
  • Mild detergent won’t damage your vehicle finish
  • Sticks where you spray it – just wipe clean
  • Large quantities are available for purchase

We have everything you need. At KLC Brand we provide you with high-quality products that get the job done every time. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to help your vehicle achieve that showroom-quality finish.

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Bug Buster Jelly MSDS005

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