Local Market Assortment Pack

Big Savings on the Atomizer Machine

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Choose the Local Market Assortment Pack and you won’t have to have cars serviced at the airport.  Get everything you need for one low price.

Discount Pack includes:

1 Gallon of ABG-Fresh Fabric Deodorizer.

*Use the new trigger sprayer on spot odors or in the Atomizer Machine (sold separately – see drop down menu)

3 – 22oz ABG-Fresh Daily Refreshers

1 – 7oz ABG-Fresh Vent Fresh

1 – 24oz Carpet and Fabric Cleaner

For TOTAL car deodorization with less labor, our Atomizer machine (see drop down menu) turns ABG-FRESH Liquid Fabric Deodorizer & Protectant into a fog that sends a specially formulated deodorizer and stain preventer to every square inch of a car’s interior in 30 to 90 seconds.

The Atomizer machine is American made, durable, and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  It requires a 110v outlet.

Low maintenance

Leak and spill proof tank

Non-slip, rubberized handle grip

No adjustment necessary, allowing for easy operation

Water and chemical resistant switch cover

Electrically operated – quiet function

Tiltling head that adjusts for multi-angle spraying

No pressurized tanks or hazardous liquid fuels required

Refresh your car PROFESSIONALLY.  Not like you BORROWED your neighbor’s car.

Professional car washers, car dealerships, and major car rental agencies use our Daily Refresher everyday to achieve that “just cleaned” smell that everyone is looking for. Don’t be fooled by imitation deodorizers!  Our daily car deodorizer contains ingredients that eliminate odors quickly, leaving behind a refreshing aroma. Don’t try and cover up unpleasant smells with perfumes like cinnamon, citrus, cherry, or vanilla. Instead, by using our Daily Refresher Car Deodorizer you’re permanently neutralizing the odor from the source.  The revolutionary formula is proven to kill odors, leaving behind a just-cleaned smell that’s inviting to all.

Vent Freshener & Deodorizer uses a patent-pending technology to neutralize smoke and other odor trapped in the ventilation system where they can’t be reached by cleaning.

Before winter and summer months, spray the vent freshener so that when it comes time to use the heat or air conditioning, the ventilation system is void of unpleasant smells. Our product doesn’t mask smells, it extracts germs and odor-smelling particles from these systems, which can help improve the air quality of your vehicle.


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Weight 18 lbs

Assortment Pack, Assortment Pack w/Atomizer Machine

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