Product Development

Product Development


With over 30 years of experience in product development our staff can help you define your product’s objectives and get it to market.

  • From VISION to Perfection – Product Concept to final formula
  • Market Segment Analysis and New Product Concepts
  • Graphic Designs for Packaging
  • Award Winning Fragrances for the Products
  • Product Claims
  • Contract Manufacturing recommendations

Custom Scent & Fragrance Development


We have three Perfumers on staff with over 75 years of successful combined experience. We provide high quality perfumes with low overhead pricing. Our staff has created some of the World’s Best Selling Brands

Perfumes, Colognes, Shampoos, Conditioners, Hypoallergenic Skin Care, Air Fresheners, Detergents, Cat Litter, Deodorizers, Disinfectants, Hair Spray, Candles, Soap, Anti-Perspirants, Deodorants, Bath Gel, Body Lotion, Body Oil, Hair Color, Fabric

We can provide fragrance analysis with GC/Mass Spectrometry and Optimize Formulas and Manufacturing Costs. We can scrutinize fragrance formulations and manufacturing costs from an insider’s view.


Custom Scents

By developing custom scents that build your brand’s uniqueness, quality and identity — your company could increase its sales and customer satisfaction; utilize man’s most powerful memory center – scent memory. KLC Brands’ technical staff and staff perfumers can design and manufacture a product or system that is uniquely yours.


Successful Companies drive Success with Brand Scents

The Westin Hotel in New York City has also started a program to increase satisfaction based on the olfactive impression of their hotels and to build a signature brand scent. Recognizing our human ability to experience and more importantly our superior accent memory ability, they have developed a “signature scent” that customers recognize, seek out and establishes the belief that the Westin Hotels are cleaner and a better place to stay. Our sense of smell influences our behavior and our purchasing habits.Our sense of smell influences our behavior and our purchasing habits. Using this knowledge most hotel chains have developed a single fresh clean Brand Scent which they use at all their properties. It establishes Consistency in the Brand, and conveys that the Hotel is fresh and clean. The Westin Hotels not only use their highly popular scent they now sell it on their website!

Utilize the brains strongest memory function to please your clients and build your business

Singapore Airlines an already successful luxury airline increased their customer satisfaction (according to customer surveys) dramatically, by developing a fresh light scent that is worn by their stewardess’, released into the cabin air and used in the hot towels served before dinner. Thus the seemingly perfect airline found greater consumer acceptance with their “Floridian Water scent”


Is your corporate message and/or efforts being forgotten?

80 to 90% of all visual and auditory advertising are forgotten

Advertisers are searching for more effective means of advertising. Despite being barraged by TV, billboards, magazine ads, direct mail, computer pop-ups, radio, spots in movies, – consumers ONLY remember 10 to 20% of these auditory and visual impressions according to Martin Lindstrom author of BRAND sense, but fragrance memory is stronger.


Are you using the tools you need to increase repeat sales?

Scents increase sales

The Journal of Psychology & Marketing, conducted a study of the Affect of Odors on Sales. A statistical sampling of slot machines had scent emitting devices installed. In the non-scented slot machines sales were up 3%, but the scented machines sales were up 45%. When the study was repeated, on alternate machines and the strength of the odor was increased, sales of the scented machine increased 53% over the 3% increase of the unscented machines. Martin Lindstrom’s work proves scent memory is stronger. Consumers remember 90% of scents for over a year.