Case Studies


Many locations offer great fishing opportunities. And what better way to enjoy the sport ? Rent a car, fill the tire well with ice, catch the fish, dress the fish in the trunk, and go home with the fillets. Let someone else worry about the smell? We have seen this from Alaska to Maine and down to Florida! Only one problem: How do you get the Fish Odor out? Marvel-US® Deodorizer can get the job done.Today’s adventure started in Ft Myers Florida. The detail manager, Mickey, asked us to treat a car about a quarter mile away in the lot… We asked him to bring it to the detailing area, but he said he couldn’t get in the car. So we walked over to the car, standing in the hot, Summer, Florida, sun. When we opened the door the STENCH of dead fish blasted out of the car… We knew that the odor wasn’t from fishy hands or shoes, but there had to be a fish in the car. We looked under the front seat….we looked in the back seat, and the odor was getting stronger, but no fish. We opened the trunk, and now the odor was very strong. We lifted the mat and there under the mat was a sea of water and fish parts surrounding the spare tire! The ice had melted and the fillets were gone, but the fish and bad odor were still there. We opened the drain and let the fish water out. We removed the spare tire, jack, and jack stand and washed the trunk, tire and jack in soap and water….still VERY smelly. We washed the tire, trunk and jack…still very smelly. We took the Marvel-US® deodorizer in a pump spray bottle and applied it to a cloth and wiped the tire, jack, trunk with the deodorizer. We then took the atomizer with the Marvel-US® deodorizer and fogged the trunk lining and interior of the car. Twenty minutes later, the car was odor free and returned to the ready line…..And when we checked a week later, the car was still in service with no complaints.

TIP: All odor sources must be removed before deodorizing a car. If the fish odor was coming a seat or carpet you can be sure it is not “on” the carpet, but “in” the carpet and the backing. In these cases shampoo the affected areas with upholstery cleaner and plenty of water. Then use an extractor or wet vac to pull the decomposing material out of the carpet or upholstery. Then saturate the spot or area with Marvel-US® deodorizer, shampooing it in. Shop vac out excess fluid so the area dries quicker. When dry the odor will be gone.

Detailing would have cost $120…and doesn’t always work. But for $1.00 worth of Marvel-US® deodorizer and twenty minutes, Mickey saved the company almost $100. and saved the rental time if it would have been sent to a detailer. Mickey thanks for the challenge. ”

An article in The Wall Street Journal reviewed the Rental car industry and had this comment:

“With the increasing milage on rental car fleets, renting a car has become like a random act of borrowing you neighbor’s car with all the potpourri smells in it.” And in our travels we have worked with cars that smell like cinnamon, vanilla, peach, apple, berry, lemon, pine….which supports their claim and its affect on customer satisfaction. Some smarter companies are beginning to pay attention to this and have developed a single fresh signature scent…..Why? You make a value judgment of Hotel rooms, rental cars, restaurants, people, and most items you buy based on smell, Sheraton Hotels have developed a corporate scent for their hotels…renters remember the rooms were fresh yet not perfumey. And they can expect this same freshness at every Sheraton. Many Hotels, stores, rental car companies, office buildings have developed corporate fresh scents capitalizing on the human’s most powerful sense…smell…as their ally. What are your customers left with after using your service?


The sense of smell is a “cranial nerve”, connected directly to the brain and forms fast permanent memories. In the book “Brand Sense” the author speaks about the results of a large study. Subjects are shown 100 photos and 100 scents. In 1 months, the average person in the study remembered 20% of the pictures, but 100% of the scents! A year later those same subjects only remembered 10% of the pictures, but 80% of the scents. What do your customers think of your service….potpourri?, smokey, stale? Fruity cover-up scents? ABG Fresh Daily Refresher/Deodorizer has the scent of “fresh cleaned laundry” ..clients sense that the car has “just been cleaned”. Improve your customer ratings.”


* According to there are 108,000,000 coffee drinkers in the U.S. that drink an average of 1.9 cups a day or 205 million cups a day. And it seems to me, that they spill a lot of them in rental cars. And if you Google® “Coffee spill odors” There are 7,773,000 results of having this problem…so I guess it is happening. But the odor can range from slightly funky right up to spoiled milk / cheesey odor. We were treating a car with an unusual bad smell. We checked the seats, not in there, checked the A/C-not in there, removed the mats, and smelled them and there was a funky almost cheesy smell. Turning the mats over they had dark brown coffee stains in the white woven backing. When you think about it, who drinks coffee black? Most people add milk, cream or half and half to our coffees, so there is an excellent potential for the milk to go bad! And as we have discovered spills “ON” the upholstery or “ON” the carpet are really spills that are “IN” the carpet backing, foam rubber in the seat or jute sound proofing. So atomizing deodorizer the air may not to penetrate into these areas and neutralize them. It is best to shampoo these areas and use an extractor or wet vacuum to remove residues trapped in the carpet or upholstery first. We treated a Mercury Grand Marquis in Austin Texas….which I had the bad timing to appear when it came in! The renter, a salesman had 6 plastic jugs of milk in the trunk. And as Gomer Pyle of Andy Griffith Show said, “Surprise, Surprise” , the jug caps popped off when he turned a few corners. And with the hot Texas sun, the car was not improving waiting for its appointment in the detail area. And like many renters, he didn’t warn the return agent….it was discovered later in the day. We smelled spoiled milk real strong in the car…but not on the upholstery…Checking the trunk, we found the odor even stronger, and removing the milk soaked rug revealed a white cheese spare wheel! To remove the odor we drained the trunk, removed the spare tire and jack. Washed the trunk with soap and water. After the first wash, our rags reeked of rotten milk. So we got new rags and washed the tire, jack and trunk a second time. Then we took a fresh rag soaked with the Marvel-US® Odor Eliminator for the atomizer and washed the trunk, tire and jack again. We then atomized the car cabin, while running the A/C. In an hour when the car dried, the milk odor was gone.

Another car in Cincinnati had a bad milk smell in the back seat, when we removed the bottom seat, there were coffee stains on the sheet metal and in the jute backing.- Procedure?

1.LOCATE 2.SHAMPOO WITH ENOUGH WATER 3.EXTRACT 4.SPRAY WITH KLC DEODORIZER – Got a funky smelling car? It could be spilled coffee. Do a little detective work, find it and treat it.”


“We were visitng the team in Tampa Florida, when one of the odor problem vehicles was brought to us. The renter wanted to make sure his dog enjoyed the vacation too. So he took the dog to the beach, let him run into the ocean, roll in the sand and then “Quick, back to the rental car before you dry off boy’! The first thing Anthony and I noticed was the wet dog odor! phew! Then we noticed that the wet paw prints all over the light grey cloth interior. We know it was a dog, because half of his fur had come off and it even filled the door pockets. We vacuumed the car and used tape to pull all the hair off the rugs and seats. Anthony then used an upholstery shampoo and a brush to remove the paw prints from the seats……But adding the soap and WATER made the wet dog odor worse! We atomized the car with the Marvel-US® Deodorizer for the atomizer, directing the nozzle at the seats, carpets, cargo area and headliner. We let the car sit with the AC running, and in five minutes when we opened the doors…the wet dog odor was gone, and the vehicle was fresh and clean! Cost 10 minutes and twenty five cents of deodorizer….a huge saving over sending the car out for detailing. In Tulsa OK, a renter’s dog didn’t get the driver’s attention in time, and really had to urinate…and he did in the cargo area of the SUV. Tommy’s crew washed the area with soap and water being sure to get the soapy mixture into the carpet backing too. They used the wet vac and sucked the detergent/ urine mix out of the carpet and backing. Now it just smelled bad. We put some of the Marvel-US® Deodorizer for the atomizer into a pump spray bottle and sprayed it on the spot. No need to worry about the water solution causing mildew in the rug or backing as the Marvel-US® deodorizer has a antimildewicide in it. When the car dried…the doggy odor was gone and the SUV was fresh and ready to rent. The deodorizer in Marvel-US® Deodorizer for the Atomizer is now in a patent pending cat litter because it :totally neutralzies cat urine odor!



Although we enjoy our test tubes, beakers and great technology partners, sometimes they all pale in comparison to the common sense professionals who restore soiled and stinky vehicles that meet demanding rental car customer expectations. Today’s good idea comes from Tom Eldridge of Austin TX. While we were visiting, he showed us a vehicle, a Grand Marquis, that had been returned with 6 gallons of milk in the trunk. Spoiling milk can have a REAL BAD odor. This renter dropped the vehicle at the return area and went on his way. He didn’t warn the agent that the milk was in the trunk. And the hot Austin sun turned it from milk into cheese! Tom and I could smell that awful spoiling milk smell in the car cabin, but couldn’t find the source. When we opened the trunk, there were six empty one gallon milk jugs and a white yogurt like cheese all over the trunk carpet and the spare wheel was now a cheese wheel!

We removed the tire, the jack and the rug, and hosed the cheese off them. We then washed the trunk interior with soap and water. After the first wash our rags reeked of spoiled milk, which means we were only spreading the smell as we washed. We threw the rags away and repeated washing the trunk again with clean rags. Now the car just smelled bad. And here is where Tom taught me something. Tom put the KLC Deodorizer in a Spray bottle, and sprayed the trunk, the spare tire and the jack and wiped them dry. He then used the atomizer in the car cabin and trunk…and the milk odor was gone!..

Tom said “What I do is get a spray bottle and put in full strength KLC Deodorizer and spray that on any kind of stain. It should be called miracle magic liquid. It will neutralize any odor. I spray it directly on the stains and let it soak in for a few minutes and then go over it with my extractor and wahlaa! The stains and odor are removed for once and for all” The atomizer is awesome! It has saved me many hours of extra labor by neutralizing odors with the fog instead of pump spraying every square inch of a car’s interior” And there is the idea. He puts the KLC deodorizer in a pump spray bottle at full strength and sprays it on stains (coffee, milk, vomit, pet accidents, etc) and lets it soak in for a few minutes before using an extractor or a wet vacuum if you don’t have an extractor. With this tip we have removed pet urine, fish odors, food spills, and many other “spot odors”. By “spot odors” we mean that many odors are the result of a spill on just one spot. And that spot or spots must be treated directly to deodorize the car. The atomizer is more useful for odors that permeate the whole interior such as smoke, marijuana, dead animal, mildew, etc.

A special Thanks to Tom Eldridge and Agee Reed of the Austin team “


We were called by one of our customer locations. They told us that our car deodorizer did the best job….BUT….Could we come out and work with them? We got in one of their cars, and it was good, fresh and clean…smoke free. Then he turned on the A/C….and the smell of marijuana filled the air…He claimed their city was the Marijuana Capital of the Rental Car Business! The diagram below is for the basic car heating and air conditioning system in a compact car. It contains over 8 linear feet of tubing, intakes, fan housing and distribution manifolds. Large SUV’s with roof vents going to the back of the truck can have 20-30 feet of tubing. And odors from smoke, marijuana and mold stick to the walls where they can’t be cleaned or neutralized So we went to work. Previously they were directed to spray a freshener into tne cabin filter intake under the hood …but not every car has a cabin filter, so tneyJust sprayed in an estimated location with freshener….and that did not solve the problem. KLC Brands undertook a research project to make a product that could reach all the way into the system and deliver the deodorizer to all the internal surfaces. The patent pending KLC Vent Freshener with the red tube propels the deodorizer over 4 feet through each vent opening, reaching every surface-killing odors And with a drop of mint, customers are greeted with deodorized air that smells fresn/ clean, and cool. One client says help her avoid asthma attacks caused by smokey cars. It is safe for use with all car ventilation system materials.


Having trouble getting rid of smoke odor in a car?

We have been out working with professionals at auction houses that are challenged with strong smoke odor in returned lease cars with three years of smoke and other odors in them. And here is what we learned. Smoke is insidious it coats every square inch of a car’s interior. For rental cars that have a few days of smoke in them 30 to 90 seconds with our liquid deodorizer dispensed by our atomizer directed at all cloth surfaces especially the headliner, takes care of the problem in most cases.

Hint: It is best to run the AC or vents on recycle during the procedure so that odors are killed in the ventilation system too. If it is still there treat it a second time, it is still 500% cheaper than detailing.


But in cars that are very smokey, my tutor pointed out that the black rubber seals on the doors hold a lot of smoke odor….So we smelled the rubber. And in these cars, it smelled as strong as a burning cigarette!. He also told us to wipe the seatbelts and sun visors with deodorizer. So we wet a clean rag with the Marvel-US® Odor Eliminator and wiped them off. The odor was instantly gone! He also suggested we wipe the door panels, the dash, the console and the roof supports…..Our rag was golden (nicotine) brown and we weren’t half way done. In the leather or vinyl interiors washing the seats with a rag soaked in the Marvel-US® Odor Eliminator will kill smoke odor. We then atomized the car three times for 2 minutes each. This car had 85,000 miles on it and it was smokey. When we were done, the smoke odor was gone and the dealer said, “I will get a $1,000 more for this car, now that the smoke odor is gone.” At the Auto Rental Show in Las Vegas last March, our neighbor at the show was an owner of an auto auction house. He said, they pay $500. less for a smokey or smelly car. So removing odors drives a profit to your bottom line


A typical smokey rental car treatment can cost between $0.25 and $0.40, and 60 to 90 seconds of labor. But,these totally smoked cars took $2.00 to $4.00 worth of deodorizer….and the car was worth $500 to $1,000 more? That is not a bad investment.


Another thing we have encountered in several locations is that marijuana users buy a can of air freshener and spray the whole car with perfume oil. In Milwaukee this spring we had a “smokey” car that still had marijuana cigarettes on the car floor, but worse than that the renter sprayed pine air freshener all over the interior. The marijuana was easy, but the pine oil remained. In Houston a renter sprayed Vanilla all over the interior, and left the air freshener can, a lighter, and the cigarettes. Again the smoke was easy but the vanilla perfume stuck. Perhaps in addition to “smoke free cars” companies should charge for using perfumey air fresheners! ”




We just got back from visiting the Avis Budget Professionals in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia Thank you for working with us. We treated a car in Portland…Not only did the renter not see the no smoking sign on the car….but he also forgot that fish on the carpet might leave an odor But thanks to the professional working on the line, Sergey, the car was returned to the ready line in less than an hour -Odor Free.

The first thing Sergey did was to locate the fish odor. He smelled the rear area of the SUV and we found several spots that were very fishy….and areas that weren’t . In the back seat the mat and the rug were wet and fishy. So Sergey used some rug cleaner, deep shampooed the areas and then used an extractor to suck out the detergent/ fish juice residue out of the carpet backing….Now it just smelled bad. We then put the ABG-Fresh deodorizer for the atomizer into a pump spray bottle and soaked the fish odor areas. No need to worry about mildew…ABG-Fresh Deodorizer has a fungicide in it. We then atomized the car with the A/C running on recycle to get rid of the smoke. We put the deodorized mats on the hood to dry in the sun and with the hood heat. When the mats were dry, we put them back into the odor free car…Total cost?…$0.40 worth of deodorizer and 10 minutes time. Savings? Two men’s time to take it to a detailer and pick it up and Sergey also saved $100. for detailing. Thank you to the Portland team Warren Gardner and Dan Phillips. And thank you to Sergey for the good detective work – Finding the Smell

We also visited Ian Dahlager in Seattle. The car we had was funky. We removed the mats first, before atomizing, but there under the rear mat, was spoiled-curdled milk. It was giving the car a funky cheesy odor. We shampooed the spot, used the extractor to pull the detergent/ milk -cheese residue out of the carpet. We sprayed the spot with ABG-Fresh deodorizer for the atomizer from a pump spray bottle. We then atomized the car. Ian reported that when the car dried from the shampooing, the odor was gone. The Seattle crew then all tried the technique, I had demonstrated for treating smokey cars. Thank you Seattle team.

In Vancouver, we had a funky car. After smelling the seats and trunk we didn’t find an odor spot. But when we took out the carpet mats….they smelled. Turning them over I could see coffee stains in the white woven backing. And what goes into coffee? Cream, Half & Half or Milk…The coffee didn’t smell, but the milk from the coffee was getting ripe. We rinsed the mat and used a wet vacuum to remove the spoiling milk. Then we sprayed the mats with the ABG-Fresh Deodorizer before atomizing.. Odor gone.

TIP: Find odor sources so they can be removed and deodorized.”


“”Smell coming out of the Vents? May be you need a little detective work. We had just deodorized a 2010 Sonata with the atomizer, and in 5 minutes it was great. We turned on the car to return it to the ready line, when a moldy odor came out of the Air conditioning vents.. We quickly administered our patent pending Marvel-US ®Vent Freshener/Deodorizer. and In 98 cases out of 100 the odor goes away….but there was a lingering smell still there. We dropped the glove compartment and pulled out the cabin filter (following the directions from the manufacturer) and there was a compost pile of rotting vegetation! As the milage was low on the vehicle we did not replace the filter, we just removed the fermenting leaves. We sprayed the air cabin filter with the Vent Freshener, and put in back in….Problem solved

Looking on the internet at Cabin Air Filter replacement, it is not unusual to find the filters located behind the glove box and full of vegetation. It does not seem to happen as often with those located under the hood, like the Cadillac filter system.

In Trenton we deodorized a car with the atomizer. The agent was amazed. They had tried everything on this car, but the odor came back. When we started the car…..there was a horrible odor coming from the vents. When we open the cabin filter box, we found some mice had gotten in, died and one had even crawlled into the fan box area. The mechanic on duty opened the vent duct and removed the bodies. A quick spray of the Marvel-US® Vent Fresh/ Deodorizer neutralized the mousey / dead animal odor.

For simple smoke or bad odors, the Marvel-US®Vent Freshener/Deodorizer should be sprayed through the out flow vents on the dashboard. Just a short blast in all four vents. If the vehicle is an SUV that has rear roof vents, it is necessary to treat them also. The red straw concentrates and focuses the deodorizer freshener stream to penetrate the whole ventilation system and the odor neutralizer kills odors trapped on vent duct wallls.


KLC Brands had an unusual call. We were asked if we had ever treated a car with the odor of dead bodies….and yes we have. We successfully deodorized a Hearse with a seven day old body in it. 

This rental location had a murder- suicide in one of their vehicles. First a HAZMAT team removed all the seats ,rugs and thoroughly cleaned the vehicle After the vehicle was returned to the rental car location, the rugs and seats were replaced, but the odor persisted. It occurred in August, so the hot sun also made it worse.

A car auction house taught us that odors get trapped in the black door gaskets in cars. This tip from the car auction house came in handy. We smelled the black rubber door gaskets, and a lot of the odor was trapped there. So we wiped all the gaskets with a cloth saturated with the MARVEL-US® deodorizer. We also wiped the dashboard, seat belts, and door panels. ”