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Product Reviews

Product Reviews 

"Your Bug Buster Jelly arrived today – if this is not the best thing since sliced bread – then I’d like to see what is. I have been searching for something that would do the bug removal with this ease, for a long time. All I had to do was spray it on – waited five minutes – then just hosed the gunk off – too easy. I’ve used every other product on the market over the past few years, none of them are a patch on yours. My little Alfa  156 is bug free for the first time in two year. "

-- Beau Turner | Charleston, SC


"We have used the [Bug Buster] Jelly and LOVE it !! Does it come in a larger size? -- 5 gallons?"

-- John Pichotto | Orlando, FL


"We run a Budget Rent A Truck facility here in St Louis. One of our renters moved cross country with his dog, but forgot to walk the dog. Although we cleaned it, the cab reeked of dog waste. Avis Scent foam fabric deodorizer killed the smell and made the cab smell fresh and clean...We ordered more."

-- Mark Hartford | Broadway Ford/Budget St Louis


We had a great camping weekend, but the cooler leaked on the way home releasing the smell of the fish fron it into the carpet in our SUV.  And the smell got worse each day.  We got you Odor Eliminator and followed directions shampooing first...then spraying the area.  And the smell is gone.  A week later in the hot sun it is still gone.  You have a great product. 

Steve Thompson-Clearwater FL

"I suffer from asthma, and when I move cars with smoky odors it triggers an attack, but with new ABG-FRESH Vent Fresh the smoke is neutralized in the ventilation system and I don't have a problem. I love the product. "

-- Angel Willis | Shift Manager-Sarasota


"The KLC Brands Vent Freshener and Deodorizer worked great. It neutralized those strong chemical cleaners that were used on the truck prior to buying it. We have also used it in our GTO. Thank you so much. "

-- Lisset Justice | Tulsa, OK


"I just want to thank you for your help. We picked up a body that wasn't discovered for over a week, and when the boys put it in the hearse, they didn't follow all the procedures, so as you remember, it smelled real bad. We tried to air it out and we had it shampooed, but it still had that awful smell. So when you used your machine in it for 60 seconds, we were a little skeptical.... but immediately it was better. Surprisingly, the next day the odor was gone and it stayed gone. That is one terrific product.

Let me know when you have the aerosol foam deodorizer ready--- we'll keep a stock of them here.

-- Frank Ammerman | People's Funeral Home | Butler, KY


"Your product definitely works and I would be sure to recommend it to all my fellow smokers. OH! By the way, it does not only work in the car. I further took it upon myself to test it in my house, by putting it on my ceiling fan and table top fan and it worked just as well as in the car. A remarkable product indeed, seeing as how most people burn incense sticks to get rid of the smell of marijuana in their houses or apartments, that can be obnoxious smelling and offensive to some.

I would recommend your product to all those who smoke and want to buy a product that actually works. Great job and kudos to you and all those at KLC Brands. I hope that you will be satisfied with my opinion, as it is an honest one.

-- Richard W. Renick | Canada

Thanks again for letting me borrow the fogger to disperse the Odor Eliminator.  Testimonial below:
As a real estate professional, I encounter homes in all conditions.  I was recently hired to sell a home in an upscale neighborhood in Cincinnati.  The house had great curb appeal and sat on a very desirable lot and had one of the biggest floor plans in the subdivision.  I was looking forward to selling this home quickly until I walked in the front door and was immediately assaulted by the smell of smoke.  The couple who owned the home were heavy smokers.  I mentioned the smoke and my clients assured me that they were having the home re-painted and carpeted before we put it on the market. 

Well I was invited back after the improvements and the house looked great but I could still smell the smoke and their funds were exhausted.  I asked them if the basement carpet had been cleaned and was told that it had just been cleaned.  I put the house on the market and had the first open house, everyone who walked in the door commented on the smell.  In fact one couple sent their children outside the home because they thought it was so bad.  I knew then that this was a deal breaker and we’d never sell the house in its current condition.
I remembered a previous client of mine developed a product that was sold to car rental companies to eliminate odors quickly in their vehicles so I decided to give him a call.  I explained the situation and he assured me that his product had been used in hotels and would work.   I treated the basement of the home and after the first treatment, I would say that the 80% of the odor was eliminated.  I forgot to run the Central Air as he recommended.  So I gave it a second treatment with the AC running.  Now no one would never know that heavy smokers lived in the home.  At my last open house, not one person mentioned any kind of odor in the house.  Thank you KLC Brands Odor Eliminator, you saved the house and my customer a few thousand dollars! 

Comey Shepard Realtors







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