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KLC Fragrance Development

Here at KLC Brands, we’re known for our high-quality fragrance products, tailored to your needs (and the needs of your clients!). By working closely with our staff on-site, we are able to analyze performance objectives while soliciting input from the world’s leading technology companies. In doing this, we are able to offer you the one-on-one attention that you deserve while developing economical and time-saving products.


KLC Fragrance creations begins with 30 years of experience in product development. Our experienced fragrance development staff can help you define your product’s objectives and get them to market and into the consumer’s hands. Our three perfumers are professionals with more than 75 years of combined experience creating and developing fragrances. Our staff created some of the World’s Best-Selling Brands and wants to create the perfect product for your needs!


Some of the products that we create include:





Hypoallergenic Skin Care

Air Fresheners


Cat Litter




Hair Spray





Bath Gel

Body Lotion

Body Oil

Hair Color

Fabric Softener

Trust KLC Brands with all of your fragrance development needs. Beginning in the vision and product concept stage, we help take your idea from a dream to a reality! Our services don’t stop there. We will also ensure that every product we create for you visually appealing in its design and packaging.  Each of our products can come with fragrance analysis GC/Mass Spectrometry, optimized formulas, and manufacturing costs.


We have everything you need. At KLC Brands, we provide you with high-quality products that get the job done every time. We’re your one-stop shop for all of your fragrance and product needs. Let us take your concept from the beginning brainstorming stages to a high-quality product that exceeds your expectations! Contact us today by phone at 513-861-2212 and let us develop the fragrance product that you’ve been dreaming of!


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