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Odor Eliminator

A concentrated powerhouse. Safe on skin. Eliminate odors in your car permanently.
Marvel-US Odor Eliminator
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Marvel-US® Odor Eliminator is the product of choice to eliminate odors. We offer free trials to Car Rental companies, RV’s, Hotels, Cruise lines, Offices, Janitorial Companies and Detailers. So far in seven years, 100% of the professionals that have tried it buy it! Every trial has resulted in a sale. It permanently eliminates odors…Quickly, Permanently and Economically.


Marvel-US® Odor Eliminator has neutralized odors from:

Dead Fish juice in the car rug
Spoiled milk
Juice from Spoiled shrimp left in the car over the weekend
Cat or Dog Urine
Wet dog odor
Dead animals
Musty Mildew smells
Food Spills
and Coffee with spoiling cream spills


We supply six major car rental brands, 14 regional brands, and have repeat sales with them for over 7 years and are expanding into RV’s, Hotels, Offices….because it works.

Humans form their first impression of a car, room, office, cabin, store with their nose. If you walk into a burning building and cannot see the fire…your nose is the first to let you know. The Olfactive nerve is the first cranial nerve. Research has shown that we remember 80 to 90% of smells, but only 10 t0 20% of images. They may forget how your car looks, or hotel room looks, but they won’t forget how it smells….What do they think of your service?


Neutralizing Odors with:

Product                                     Cost                                 Time                                                                            Safety


Chlorine/Dioxide       $15 to $40 per car         a few hours                                                 toxic to humans and animals


Ozone                              $400+ for machine          1/2 day                                           Can cause miscarriages,strokes, hemmorages
                                                                                                                                                                 Permanent lung damage-OSHA
                                                                                                                                                                              Odor comes back


Marvel-US®                $0.40 per car                    60 seconds                                                     Approved for direct skin
Odor Eliminator         $ 2.00 per RV or Car       2 minutes                                                  application - no toxic residue




MSDS Information

Marvel-US Daily Refresher MSDS014

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