by Admin on Nov 16, 2010 at 12:43 PM
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KLC Brands Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vision Marketing & Technologies Inc.  This new subsidiary will continue helping clients develop new consumer products (Beauty Care, Air Care, Car Care and Perfume Development)

Vision Marketing & Technologies developed all the patent pending products for KLC Brands Inc, plus has developed products for numerous Fortune 100 companies. Our patent pending Bug Buster Jelly removes bugs from Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks -- without scrubbing.  One of our clients reports that auction houses buying their used vehicles pay $200 less for cars with bugs still on the bumper, because some bugs eat the paint's finish off the car requiring repainting!  But, using our Bug Buster Jelly the client reports he is now getting full value for his vehicles.

Another one of our clients reported that although they were able to deodorize their cars, they couldn't get smoke and other funky smells out of the car's ventilation system.  Analyzing auto ventilation systems and materials used in all car systems, we created patent-pending Vent Freshener...  it really works... it even stops asthma attacks for one of our smoke-sensitive clients.

We have new technologies for stain removal, car rinse agents, total deodorization, and sanitizing vehicles.  Your staff can be more efficient with the right tools.

Our economical product development program provides the latest global technologies to solve your challenges.


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