Don't waste money on bug removers that drip off your car

Posted at by Bob on 05/25/2011

When you wash your car, are you throwing money down the drain?

Bug Buster Jelly Pre-Wash is not only a Professional Bug Removal Treatment, but it also puts your money to work!  Just compare any car wash product vs. Bug Buster Jelly.  Did you know that 50-70% of these other car cleaner products fall off the brush or rag before it hits the car?

To scientifically measure this, we tried out a name-brand bug removal product.  First, we dipped the brush, and then moved the brush from the bucket to the vehicle.

auto bug remover comparison

As you can see, their auto bug removal product cascades off the brush and falls onto the ground.  To measure this loss, we caught the falling liquid into a plastic bag (see photo), and weighed the liquid.  An average of 221 grams (approximately 1/2 a pound) of their bug removing product was captured.  So, for every sixteen cars there’s a full gallon of your newly purchased bug removing product that’s falling off the brush as wasted product.  And if you clean 500 cars a day, that’s 31.25 gallons – wasted.

It’s no wonder why the line cleaners are using a plastic credit card's edge to scrape the bugs off first, and investing more time to try to scrub the bugs off.  And yet, the cars on the ready-line are still covered in paint-etching bug bodies.

bug remover comparison

The advantage of Bug Buster Jelly Pre-Wash Treatment is 100% of the product sticks to the car.  All of the product stays on the surface of the vehicle loosening bug bodies and requiring much less effort.  In the next photos, the same brush is shown clean and then dipped into Bug Buster Jelly.  Notice that there is NO loss to dripping.  100% of the product is at work.

For large volume locations use a 30 gallon drum.  Just pump the gel into any pump-spray bottle, so that

buy bug car removal cleaner

all line cleaners can carry a light refillable applicator to the car.  We have found that pump-spraying the Bug Buster Jelly dispenses a very thin film, minimizing the amount of product used.  But, you can use either method with Bug Buster Jelly – either as a spray, or dip and spread with brush.


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