Use Marvel-US Bug-Buster Jelly. A unique vehicle bug remover gel that sprays in a fine mist and reforms into a no-drip gel that soaks bug bodies for easy removal. Bugs wipe off so easily, you can use a tissue. Safe on all vehicle finishes - won't harm clear clearcoats or haze plastics.  Order today: (513) 861-2212

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Marvel-US™ Car Cleaning and Deodorizing Products

Marvel-US Professional Grade car cleaning and deodorizing products.  Used by professional detailers and leading car rental companies.



February 7, 2013 - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: a study of 121,000 Swedish women exposed to ozone increased blood pressure that can lead to siezure, stroke and death of the mother and baby (3/29/2013)
Ozone is a toxic gas. The American Lung Association suggests that ozone generators not be used. (3/22/2013)
See how car wash products compare when it comes to removing dead bugs. We compared a leading car wash product with Bug Buster Jelly. See the results here. (5/25/2011)

Car Cleaning & Deodorizer Products

If you're using smelly-perfumed car air fresheners to eliminate odors in your car, you're only making matters worse. We manufacture and distribute superior and professional performing car odor removal products to achieve clean smelling cars. It's not enough to cover the odor in your car. You need to eliminate the odor.  Order today:  (513) 861-2212

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